Definition: A triple trump squeeze without the count in a three card position

(Reproduced from The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge)

This unique ending was executed in play by Dirk Schroeder of Wiesbaden, Germany.

s K
h 8
d ---
c 8
s Q 10
h ---
d 10
c ---
s ---
h K
d A
c 9
s J 7
h ---
d J
c ---

With spades trump, and the lead in North, on the lead of the spade king East was squeezed.  If he threw the winning heart or club, South would have a winner to lead from dummy at the twelfth trick.  If he threw the diamond Ace, South would ruff something and score his diamond jack at the finish.  The complete deal was:


Dlr: East
Vul: EW
Scr: NK

s A K 9 3
h 8 6 4 3
d Q
c 8 5 4 2
s Q 10 8 5
h 7 2
d 10 8 7 3
c K Q 3
s ---
h K J 9 5
d A K 9 4
c A J 10 9 6
s J 7 6 4 2
h A Q 10
d J 6 5 2
c 7
West North East South
1C 1S
1NT 2S Dbl Pass
3D 3S Pass Pass
Dbl Pass Pass Pass

In 3S doubled, the defense led two rounds of clubs.  South ruffed, entered dummy with a high spade, finessed the heart ten, and surrendered a diamond.   After a third round of clubs was ruffed in the closed hand, South ruffed a diamond, finessed the heart queen, and led the heart ace.  West ruffed and led a diamond, which was ruffed in dummy to produce the above ending.

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