Bridge Quiz

Objective: answer seven or more questions correctly.   All these are types of card play and almost all are named after famous people or places!  Please make sure you have JavaScript enabled!

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1. What is the Grosvenor Gambit?

Something you do in a hotel
A deceptive play that backfires
A play that on the suface appears stupid, but has devastating consequences
An opening lead convention


2. How do you execute the Morton's Fork Coup

By offering a choice of plays to a defender, both of which are doomed
With a gardening implement
By eliminating all the side suits, without touching trumps
By leaving one trump outstanding


3. What is a Rusinow Lead?

A convention common in Russia
A lead of the second highest of two or more touching honors
A type of dog leash
A lead that confuses your partner


4. What is a Schroeder Squeeze?

A squeeze against your partner
A triple trump squeeze without the count
A squeeze operating in a grand slam
Something you give your spouse first thing in the morning


5. What is the Deschappelles Coup?

A trump reducing play
Something you do in a French church
A type of end play
A sacrificial play aimed at forcing an entry to partner's hand


6. What is a Chinese Finesse?

A two way finesse
A finesse taken into the danger hand
An attempt to win a trick by leading an unsupported honor
A clever play originating in China


7. What is the Merrimac Coup?

A trump promotion
A drunken Scot's party trick
A sacrificial entry killing play
Another type of end play


8. What is the Vienna Coup?

A play that originated in Vienna
A way of cutting sliced bread
An unblocking play
A type of throw in play


9. What is a Lavinthal discard?

A discard made to a trump lead
A play of the lowest card in the suit below the one being led
A ritual disposal of an old toilet roll
A type of suit preference signal


10. What is a Devil's Coup?

A disappearing trump trick
A fancy cocktail
An attempt to steal a trick
A sneaky trap set by an opponent


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